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Dismantling Structural Racism and Mass Incarceration Across North Carolina

Through community education, narrative shift, and idea incubation, Emancipate NC supports North Carolina’s people as they free themselves from mass incarceration and structural racism. 

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Through community education and mobilization, we work to dismantle structural racism and mass incarceration in North Carolina. Join our mission with a donation today. (Emancipate NC is a project of the Carolina Justice Policy Center, and your gift to CJPC directly supports our important work.)

About Emancipate NC

Emancipate NC was founded in 2019 on the knowledge that mass incarceration and structural racism harm all of us. Prison is state-sponsored violence. We are all complicit in its harms. As an organization, we are dedicated to shifting the narrative on racialized mass incarceration through community education and mobilization. The mainstream narrative that criminalizes Black and Brown people must be transformed—so that we can all get free.  Emancipate NC is a project of the Carolina Justice Policy Center. To learn more, please contact Elizabeth Simpson at